Coaching is a partnership between you and your coach—a collaboration that allows you to understand your strengths, clarify your goals, and establish a strategic roadmap that identifies what it will take for you to reach those goals. Executive Coaching is a powerful tool to help senior leaders effectively transform how they perform at work and lead their teams and organizations.

In my unique approach to coaching Black women executives, I’ve developed a patented E.D.G.E. success formula, you will emerge from my engagements feeling like a powerhouse armed with a winning strategy to use your voice for influence and change. This program is for you if you’re a:
• Business Owner or CEO
• Chief of Staff
• Director or Executive Director
• Principal
• Senior Manager
• Vice or Senior Vice President

It is founded on four core principles to help you uncover your competitive E.D.G.E.:


Increase your self-awareness
and uncover ways to improve your
communication so you can hone
your problem-solving
and decision-making skills.


Connect with the right people
who can inspire, motivate
and guide you to success.


Become Solution-orientated
and committed to continually
develop your talents through
hard work, solid input
and smart strategies.


Master an
authentic leadership
presence and gain the
confidence to inspire
and lead others under
any circumstances.

This method has been used successfully with hundreds of corporate executives to help them advance and grow their careers. At some of the world’s largest and most recognizable organizations, it's helped them transform the way they do business. This is your opportunity to benefit from well-researched, tested, and proven approach to developing the right mindset and habits to pursue and achieve your goals with confidence.

If you're willing to do the work I will help you:

• Get to the heart of what you really want to do with your career, get clarity on the next, and figure out the right steps to get there.

• Develop the confidence and presence that allows you to command the room.

• Stop doubting your ability, and embrace new opportunities for advancement with excitement instead of hesitation or fear.

• Build a network of people who can't wait to help you get to places and spaces you never thought possible.

Your organization needs your leadership, ideas, and creative genius to help innovate and shape the way they do business. I can help you gain the skills and knowledge to lead with confidence.

Schedule your consultation today to find out how our partnership can help you transform the way you show up as a leader and take your career to new levels.



Please provide a some bullet points or a brief description of how you work with organizations in this capacity and we can develop a narrative from it. Please also provide one example or case study we can use to illustrate this aspect of your services.



Please provide a some bullet points or a brief description of how you work with organizations in this capacity and we can develop a narrative from it. Please also provide one example or case study we can use to illustrate this aspect of your services.

My ADVANCE program is one example of group coaching. It’s designed as a 5-week group coaching program for Black women. I also leverage the framework for individuals. I’ve had one cohort of ADVANCE (two participants). Side note: In addition to my own personal launches of ADVANCE, my hope was to offer ADVANCE to organizations with targets to develop Black women. I have NOT had this opportunity.


"I contacted Lisa after accepting a new executive role in my organization to help set me up for optimal success. Through my work with Lisa, we were able to develop a comprehensive plan to put me on a path to successfully acclimating into my new role and developing the confidence to lead in a new space. Lisa assisted me in answering the hard questions and identifying short and long term goals. You don’t realize how badly you need an Executive Coach until you’ve had the opportunity to work with someone like Lisa. I have no regrets about contacting Lisa to assist me in my journey, she is worth the investment."

Dr. LaShana Wiggs, DBA
Business Transformational Leader

"Lisa's excellent executive coaching services have proven to be invaluable in my leadership journey. She is skilled at asking crucial questions to foster the self-reflection and awareness that is essential to growth and development. Lisa balances this with a sincere care for her clients, creating a psychologically safe environment where vulnerability and leadership can co-exist. It is this combination of coaching competence and genuineness that differentiates Lisa's coaching. I would recommend her services to any leader, both formally and informally, who is committed to optimizing their influence."

Stephaine Huston
Organizational Effective & Talent Development Leader

“I am renewed in how I want to approach my career choices. I’ve been asked to participate in speaking events; did one already at a business summit in Indiana and they’ve asked me back for Feb.”

Elle Marc Charles
Director of Inclusive Culture