Lisa Medley is a dynamic speaker whose talks leave audiences empowered and ready to take on new challenges. With her signature wit and candor, Lisa shares her knowledge on leadership, showing up as your authentic self in the workplace, and women’s empowerment. If you’re looking for an energetic presenter that will educate and delight your audience while giving practical tools and actionable information, Lisa is the perfect fit.


“We enjoyed having Lisa speak to our employees during Black History Month on the tools needed to navigate “Working While Black” It was a very informative and engaging session, with take away action items for employees to reflect on. She was very easy to work with and extremely engaging. Our employees enjoyed her session and often quote the need to be proactive with self-care, and not just reactive.”

DAISHA MCDONALD, Program Manager, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, Activision Blizzard


Lisa begins her role as facilitator by helping organizations identify its challenges and assess their needs. She then customizes a solution and engages participants in a discovery process to help them construct a strategic plan of action, build consensus and inspire them to action, manage dysfunction, or develop new ways of thinking – moving them closer to their collective goal.


  • • Strategic Planning
  • • Meeting Facilitation
  • • Focus Groups And Stakeholder Interviews


After the murder of George Floyd in 2020, employee resource groups (ERGs) became a critical part of the global conversation around diversity, equity and inclusion. ERGs are meant to foster more inclusion and drive social impact; however, the lack of resources and support of ERG leaders threatens to undermine outcomes.

Understanding that people are the key to unlocking business success, Trane Technologies embarked on a plan to invest in the professional development of their ERG leaders. Each leader was given the ADEPT-15® — a scientifically based assessment to accurately uncover the unique aspects of an individual’s personality and develop key talent.

Lisa Medley Executive Coaching (LMEC) was hired to help these leaders understand their results, equipping them with the ability to leverage their natural strengths, better understand their work styles and behaviors, and enhance team working dynamics. After reviewing the results from the assessments, LMEC distilled the research, designed, and facilitated a half-day workshop.

These ERG leaders were able to: understand how different personality traits showed up at work; leverage their differences to balance workloads; foster relationships across ERG groups, and learn ways to grow trust.


“Lisa helped us develop a meaningful development workshop for our leaders. She took the time to understand the need, make recommendations, and apply her expertise and experience to craft the solution. Her energy and supportive nature led to a nurturing and informative session for our leaders. Thank you, Lisa. We look forward to working with you in the future.” 

TARA ASHCRAFT, Diversity and Inclusion and Culture Initiatives Leader, Trane Technologies